About Us

Digital 55 is a collective of award-winning designers and developers making interactive products and digital experiences. Almost like Broken Social Scene of the digital world, Digital 55 is all about talented, creative and strategic people making great digital things.

Cool Things Digital 55 can do for you:




Digital Media/Animation/Motion Graphics


Interface & Interaction Design/Dev


Discovery/Content Architecture/Learning Systems/Design Dev

Lauralee Sheehan

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)

Lauralee a.k.a. "LL" is an award winning, creative directing, media designing addict!

She loves the process of coming up with digital concepts and creative media solutions for clients. 

Lauralee is also the owner of an online shop, Starlette 55, where she designs, manufactures and markets a lifestyle brand which recently received a buzzfeed mention for product design (woot!) + she ran a record label and played in an indie band for many years, giving her massive street cred :)


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